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The Role of Technology in Human Life

The role of technology in human life cannot be easily expressed in words. In this fast pace of life things will happen in fraction of seconds. In the process of blinking of our eyes the whole world will get change. For living in this high-tech life, technology places a very important role to get to know about the current fact and figures, with the help of technology humans can save time, money and man power. The technology plays a very important role in the life of humans. If you see history of chatGPT & openAI you will easily understand how powerful they are.
The whole world becomes a global village with the help of technology. You will get all the information on the palmtop of your hand with the help of technology. Also, we will get to know about what is going on in the universe and keep our self updated and get to know what is going on inside the cosmic.

The earth is a very small object that revolves around the Sun. These are millions and trillions of objects like a earth in the milky way that revolves around the Sun in the universe and their shapes are like stars.
Humans will get 100% exact information in seconds with the help of technology. The computer machine can only understand the binary language. For making the machine language understandable to humans operating system plays a very important role.
In a same way to get to know about the suspense behind understanding about universe technology plays a very important role in human life.Human mindset life

The human can explore the whole universe in a better way with the help of technology. Humans will get to know about science, weather forecast, artificial intelligence, robotics and much more with the help of technology.
Students can exchange their ideas and information with friends, teachers through a smart classes.  Studies have become more interested with the help of technology. Instead of spending time in reading the books. Student’s will prefer to read and search on google, Wikipedia and YouTube for clearing their doubts and understanding the subjects with great interest and happiness.

Humans can understand life in a better way by taking interest in technology. For finding the new places and different parts of the world. The Google Maps, GPS route finder is better medium pf technology.

Human mind is the biggest and complex neuron network in the whole world. Humans created the technology for making the life easier and simple. Technology cannot create human beings

Technology is a great gift to whole mankind by humans. Humans have to understand the importance of technology for living a better and tension free life with accuracy.

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