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7 Reasons : Why you should be Obsessed with Winning

After reading news from Olympics 2016, I started pondering upon winning. So, what is winning by the way?  Like everybody else, I did the easiest I could do find out – googled it!

Winning is an outcome. Looks like more people are on the side of, “Winning is not everything, doing the best you can is.” I disagree. Winning is everything. It might not be the only thing, but it is everything (if you’re playing). Who doesn’t know that ‘Winners take it all!”.So, saying winning is everything actually mean outcome is everything. And the outcome is the result of effort, intensity, and determination.


“Play to win, or don’t play at all.” Nobody plays to lose !

When one is playing to win, the only way to win is to push oneself little extra – probably beyond his/her potential and capacity. Before you pump yourself up for winning, here is the first principle of winning:
Don’t complain if you lose. Deal with it appropriately. And be back again to win. Better, stronger, faster!

7 reasons you should be obsessed with winning

Rewards :


The whole world is for you if you make it. All the medals, trophies, pride, joy, satisfaction and glory is for you. The people who do not know the day yesterday becomes a fan of yours the day you win. Who doesn’t know what Indian Cricket Team did to India by winning the world cup in 1983?  Since then, cricket became a religion to the masses.


Winning gives you satisfaction. After all, all your intense efforts and hard work reached its end. After all, this is what you wanted. After all, this is what you worked so hard in the dark. Some people argues, “Winning never produces permanent satisfaction.” The only permanent thing in life is death. For everything else is temporary.


Think about satisfaction from sex, is it permanent? Should it be permanent? What about food? Is the pleasure that comes from eating delicious food is permanent?

Boost in confidence :

After winning, you never remain same. Believe it or not, you’re a winner now. And this fact changes all your self-image. In Zig Ziglar’s ‘See you at the top’, one of the critical steps to reaching the top is ‘How you see yourself’.


And once you have won, the way you see yourself changes forever. Maybe this is one of the reason, we have seen so many athletes being able to win again and again.

Performing beyond your potential:

When someone is obsessed with winning, he/she doesn’t stay limited by their resources. You push yourself hard to match up against what you’re standing. You try to become better, stronger and faster. You don’t complain. You don’t see yourself as limited by your perceived potential.


Power to do more, be more and win more:

Since now you have won once, you can do it again.

The #winner does not just #win the #rewards, they win a special power of #influence. Click To Tweet

Winner achieves the power to shape the entire industry! Think about what would have happened if Google could not become a winner in search business? Would it be able to ship one of the most loved browser ‘chrome’ and smartphone OS like Android? You have to win some, to win more.


Better, Faster, Stronger, More:

Winning doesn’t leave you as you were. Winning doesn’t appreciate that you put in your best efforts. It demands more. It requires you to be better, faster and stronger. It pushes to your edge of limit – and even beyond that!



The great pride you can live your life with. The honor of achievements – of winnings. After a decade, when you’ll look back and remember that ‘I was a winner’. Imagine the feeling that will gush to your mind. The sense of performing better than everybody else in that context.
Participating is a choice. And if you make a choice to participate and play – make sure you become obsessed with winning. When everybody is playing to win, it makes a good show. Give us a good show!

“Winning is everything, to win is all there is. Only those poor souls buried beneath the battlefield understand this.” Navy SEAL saying

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Ram Das

Winner is happy at the time of winning and during the following few days. He does not stagnate at that point. He aims newer things in life, science, technology, art, music, sports and so on. It is true that winning is a continuous obsession. What will happen if a continuous winner fails once? He has to learn tasting failures of life also. You have to keep pain and pleasure at bay without allowing them to affect you.

Raj Kumar

Obsession with Winning, puts a person in the pursuit of Excellence, It motivates the person and brings out the best in him. If one looks at the traditional Indian philosophy as exemplified in the Bhagvat Geeta, one will understand that the aim of human life is to bring about an excellence in his life. That is the pursuit of Karma which should dictate his life. All the 7 reasons that this article talks about, are in a way reflected in the philosophy of doing one’s best. What it requires is motivation, discipline and perseverance. The rewards, glory, satisfaction are the outcome of Winning. But what brings about the Winning in one’s life. The milestones that one passes through on his journey on the path of Winning are Boost in Confidence, Performing beyond your Potential; Power to do More, Be More and Win more; Better, Faster, Stronger etc .

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