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What can you do about it?

Life is tough, unforgiving, complicated and beyond anyone’s total control. And yet, there are something in life which are very simple.

As the great poet once said,

It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple.

This applies beautifully to the idea – things that affect you and things that you can effect. Circle of influence, circle of concern.

What does it mean for you? Write everything down. Every single thing that bothers you or affects you. Write it down, every single thought that comes to your mind.

And then ask yourself, which ones can you do something about? Which ones do you want to do something about.

It is an exceedingly simple thing, but then when done over time, it will have miraculous results.

Here’s the catch: you won’t do it till it becomes absolutely necessary to use it.

So here’s a trick: play around with this, every now and then. Revel in it’s power. And then when you internalize it, use it’s power.

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