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What is love?

Love is a very special emotion that we all want to experience, the feeling of being in love is priceless.

However, what we do not know is how simple it is. Heartbreak and insecurity make us very weak. We get told that love is rare and that we will all find love one day.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Love at its very core means wishing well for someone else, and since it is an emotion, it involves the act of using our time, energy, resources for someone else’s well-being without expecting anything in return.

The part about not expecting anything in return can make us all think that this is about running yourself dry. But we are not talking about killing ourselves trying to make others better.

All we are saying is that just listening to people share their stories without being judged for anything would make them feel better. It is the change that we want to see in the world. Think of it this way, we all have come across this saying, and we all want to be heard without being judged.

That is where we start. If we simply decide that we are lonely and we want to do something about it, we can make others feel less lonely and that is the beginning.

Just doing little good things for others and changing the core of our being in that service will ensure that the people around us can feel it too. And that is where love will spring for. Warmth first, and reciprocity thereafter.

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