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Why Controlling Anxiety is the only way to Win in Your Life?

Have you ever been or observed someone in a situation where they totally stuck in between life or had no clue what’s going on in  life? I guess absolutely YES. 99% humans face such situation called “Bridge of Uncertainties” in their entire life, if you didn’t then congratulation you’ll become more practical to handle it if you’ll face it in near future :).

Eventually, such situations lead towards anxious mindset. A chemical circulation in our nervous system which disturbs human behavior

Anxiety Uncertainty

In Anxiety our nervousness & uncertain feelings become the dark cloud of our life. It’s natural to have such situation but the overdose of anything is always harmful. In short, Anxiety is NOT a virus like HIV, which compromises your physical body but yes it’s a bacteria which disturb your brain and thinking which leads to LIFE PAUSE situation. This is one of the most harmful issues in a current generation.

Anxiety Dark clouds

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Let’s consider a real-time scenario, You went for an adventurous vacation & suddenly you feel sick at remote area due to bad weather condition, where you don’t have an easy access to a doctor or any medical help. You only have mobile having an Internet connection.

Now just for curiosity, you Googled your symptoms of sickness and suddenly it started showing horrible diseases like dengue, malaria, cancer or hepatitis B etc matching with your symptoms. Oh boy, imagine how badly it’ll affect your mindset.


Ultimately you’ll start worrying about it & desperately looking for medical advice as soon as possible. This freaking situation is real “LIFE PAUSE” . A state which caused by an anxiety. Our mind is programmed to  keep yourself in safe condition but during such situations, it’s totally out of control.

It can pop up at any moment or at any part of our life.

Anxiety is a “Human Poison” which kill our body slowly slowly

4  Sources of Anxiety

There are 4 things in our life which cause anxiety if they are malfunctioned or not working as expected due to some reasons.


1. Health issues:

Our body is a precious gift given by nature/god if it malfunction then our anxiety will start popping. This lead to a bad health condition. People who are suffering from frequent health issues are highly vulnerable to this kind of Anxiety.

Expert clarification is the only way to control anxiety of health illness. Medication plays an important role in fixing it in an efficient way.

2. Relationship issues:

Relationship issues are very painful, though it’s related with friends, family or business relationships. It’s another factor which leads to anxiety and discomfort. Relationship issues are the top most reason of anxiety in the current age which also leads towards  high depression & life threatening conditions.relationship-issue-anxiety

Our  Human mind is fragile & its highly sensitive towards trust,emotions, and empathy. High and effective communication is the only solution to avoid it but the majority people sucks in understanding  & fixing it. It’s like a spiral where people can enter easily but hard to getting out from it.

3. Money issues:

Money is a fuel of our life, no matter what you do. But when you are running out of money or not satisfied what you are getting then anxiety start popping up. You feel down about life and become less productive. Money-issue-anxiety

This kind of anxiety can easily fix as we are living in 2016 where millions of opportunities are available to fuel your life & dreams. The only point is you should be ready to become a mechanic of your own actions. This kind of anxiety can be handled by doing proper financial planning & choosing right income source.

Here is a bonus, 200 ways to make money online if you are struggling with finance.

4. Accidents:

Accidents in our life are like a ghost, they will hug you at any movements and ruins your life very quickly. e.g  You lost someone in a car crash or due to some disaster you lost many valuable things. Such an unpredictable situations also invite anxiety.


Anxiety is nothing but cortisol, a chemical which  disturbs our body from inside out & makes us more uncomfortable with life. So it’s really important  to handle anxiety in a natural way. if there is  darkness there is light, only thing is you have to find right SWITCH to enlighten it.

Oxytocin is that SWITCH which boosts our mood and makes us feel happy,it’s a powerful chemical which acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain.The study shows that for every action there is an opposite reaction. In short Oxytocin is that reaction which can help us to handle anxiety. It’s sprinkling water over the fire. Now the question is how to?

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How to  increase your Oxytocin


1. Mediation & breathing practices

It really help to increase your oxytocin level, meditation helps you to fight with anxiety. Our mind is MONKEY MIND which always chirp about our thoughts, so breathing technique really help us to ask our MONKEY MIND to divert its focus from anxiety to breath.

Why You Meditate ? Do you have an answer ?

Why You Meditate ? Do you have an answer ?Here it is !!!!#Life #Meditation #Ignitelifestyle

Posted by IgniteLifestyle on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Meditation is a technique to focus on the breath by defocusing other. Use meditation app like Saatva/Headspace to challenge and gamify  your meditation practices. Such anxiety control app really helps you,only thing is to be a real practitioner of it and I know  you will love it.


2. Do an Unconditional Help: 

This will definitely  increase your happiness level. Try to celebrate your birthday to gift someone or help someone to solve their problems. It’s an ahaaa !!! movement for us. Which leads increasing our oxytocin.  If someone says “Because of You I …..” that’s real game changing situation. The universe always gives you more power to empower yourself. Selfless help is best anxiety treatment which you can get it for free.


3. Catch Some Entertainment:

Entertainment is another healing factor for our human mind so do watch some comedy shows or dance like nobody in this world, anxiety will never touch you . We can say entertainment is anxiety medication which you can get it 24×7.

Try to avoid emotional entertainment during anxiety otherwise, our mind becomes worse than anything, especially during relationship issues.


4. Show Gratitude:

Having gratitude towards your loved ones, Family, friends  & best people in your life is one of the best things you can have. I’m a real believer on gratitude as its heal you very quickly.

We should be very thankful for what we have instead focused on what we don’t have because the life you are living is the dream of millions of people.

5. Surround with Positive Mindsets & Share every feeling with them:

Isolation is bad for anything, Go and surround with positive mindsets because anxiety leads to more negativity & to kill this Dracula you definitely seek good pieces of advice & future action plans, positive people only help you in such situations.


Keep away from those barking dogs who may double your negativity & anxiety. Have a regular practice to make a good active community of it. It’s very helpful for long term decisions & I personally know it changed my life.

6. Be the Quick Actionable Person:

Your actions speak your body and your body speak your mindset. So don’t run a marathon to Complete your small tasks, do it immediately instead of postponing them. It’s a great way to have anxiety relief.


Sometimes your pending To-Do list also leads towards anxiety. Remember postponing tasks sucks big way, things you postpone will never ever get executed perfectly.

Pro tip :  If you are highly depressed and unable to act anything simply drink 2 glass of water, put your finger into your mouth and pushing it bit inside of your throat and start throwing up(puking) anxiety in the form of vomiting.


You actually fell relax after this. We are not recommended to do it in an extensive way, a small experiment surely decreases  anxiety level.

Your comments help me to increase my oxytocin so don’t forget

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Ram Das

Were we not anxious about the school final marks? Were we not anxious about the first day in the college or in the office? Were we not anxious about the marriage and the birth of the first child, especially to know about whether it was a boy or a girl? Yes, we were anxious. Being anxious at certain moments is inevitable in human life (even in animal’s life). But, making anxiety prevail over all your activities is a sin, which desolates your life totally. The recommendations to come out of anxiety are good and possibly practicable. But, who will tell you that you are crossing the limits of ‘tolerable anxiety’?

Raj Kumar

Anxiety is common occurrence in anyone’s life. However, what is scary is it attaching itself to you, for the rest of the day and life. It drains away the life from life itself. Anxiety is like a parasite that saps away the life and joy from a person. Anxiety produces a chemical, Cortisol, in the body. If present in high amount, it wreaks havoc on the vital organs. Faith, prayer, meditation, exercises etc. are the antidote to anxiety. Regular meditation produces Oxytocin, which fights the ill-effects of Cortisol and anxiety.

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