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Some of the Superpowers in Life are FREE, Like Meditation

The Internet is a great place for finding out information that we all need. Sometimes, there is a lot more information than we really need and we do not know where to begin with. If you are looking to make your life better, you would want information on a hundred different topics. There will be different opinions about the same thing and people who profess to have all the answers. However, to begin with, there is only one piece of information that you need: Meditate! Meditation will make your life better immediately. You will meditate and after that you will say, hey, I did not get what I wanted! Nothing has changed!

Therein lies the treasure. When we think, most of us almost always are looking for something more. That is the process of thinking. Meditation is the practice of not thinking because we have to learn to keep our mind still. When we make this a regular practice, we will have a calm place to start from. When we think, we then think about thinking and feel we are thinking too much or that we don’t know what we are thinking about. Thoughts build upon other thoughts.

What we need is not many thoughts, but a capacity to think about our life when needed and to let things be at all other times.


This will improve one’s relationship with anxiety, grief, depression, sleep and so much more.

Try it!

You don’t need anymore google searches or Instagram quotes or Pinterest pins or any more motivation. You simply need to meditate. 20 minutes. Everyday,

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