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Depression and relationship

Depression: Gathering Energy from Loved Ones to Battle the Disease

Let us not underestimate this problem. Before we begin to discuss, let us remember that depression is a state which does not have a singular origin. The causes of this mental state are different. Getting out of this state is a unique process for everyone involved.

Seeking professional depression help is an obvious choice. As you will see, that is not all. Unlike other illnesses, medicines cannot cure depression of the root. Love, help, and support from close friends and family is a must. They might be helpful in other illnesses too, but they have a critical role in moving out of depression. Love, help and support from close friends and family is a must. They might be helpful in other illnesses too, but they have a critical role in moving out of depression.

Depression Help

Energy drains and sources of strength

Depression robs a person out of energy. One might not even be able to get out of bed. Trivial and tiny things can overwhelm the person. How is a patient supposed to perform the exercises suggested by one’s doctor? Psychiatrists will help you zoom in on an issue or symptoms of depression to focus on. The whole world seems to be against you and a million problems seem to hijack your life. It is your doctor whom you can trust. It is your doctor whose smile and calm voice will tell you that there is just one singular issue.

His calm attitude will make you doubt your own doubts. You will reconsider your problems and develop some faith that maybe there is a solution. That is a good beginning.Unfortunately, depression is a powerful malady. Whatever hope and faith have built up, depression will suck it in like a black hole. There will be no trace left. All the light that built up inside, will be gone. Poof.


Such extreme mood swings are everyone’s experience. Now imagine what a difference a good friend, a loving parent or a caring spouse can make. Regardless of whether you feel elated or losing your will to live, there is one constant: their faith.

You might go down. You might dread the feeling that  the gloom is coming over you. You will feel your soul getting sucked out of your body. You might fall from elation to deep despair. You might go there back up again. This is a dreadful feeling to see yourself lose it again.

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In these times, your loved ones will stop you from falling further. The fall is inevitable, but the warmth and support will change the feeling just a little bit. And that is invaluable.

You will know what to do, but how will you do it?

Psychiatrists will be able to give you an accurate aspect to focus on. They will teach you the connection between thinking and feeling. They will get you excited about the pleasurable activities catalog. They will tell you to maintain a good thought diary.


Your thought diary will  need monitoring every bothering thought that comes your way. You will have to pause and record it. Then at some point in time, refer to the ten unhelpful styles of thinking. You will have to remind yourself that what you feel is just a feeling. You will have to list a hundred things that make you feel good. Then find an opportunity to execute them.

That is all good. That is the solution to your problem. The question is how will you follow the steps? Simple, tiny, trivial things will overwhelm you. How will you maintain a thought diary? How will you analyze which out of ten faulty thought patterns it was? How will you gather the energy required to get up and do one of your pleasurable activities?

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Now you know how much love and support help. The light that shines from your loved ones will help you take tiny steps forward. One of these tiny steps will be your giant leap out of depression. Self-esteem is the only thing which can replace any depression test but first you should figure it out how?

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Ram Das

Nobody likes depression. It is an uninvited guest (probably uninvited foe) trying to stay with a person as long as possible. You can drive it away with the help of the doctors, psychiatrists and even with the help of your relatives and loved ones. It is true. But who will help your relatives and loved ones to drive away their depression? Is it you? Healthy hobbies, games, sports, music, drama, novel, short story, even cinema can do that. Why can’t we use them instead of being depressed forever? Read the selected biographies like that of George Washington Carver to drive away your depression without root and sign.

Raj Kumar

Depression is a sure killer. It may act like a slow poison and take its time, but it surely claims its victim. It first stamps out the joy and enthusiasm from a person’s life. It comes along with stress, its twin which puts a heavy weight on our body, mind and soul. Slowly it travels down to our body and began damaging the vitals. It is a fact that the modern day’s two biggest killers, high blood pressure and diabetes are caused by depression. The only solution and remedy is to have Faith, and no one can re-kindle it again as the love that comes from a loved one. Love is the antidote for depression and has been known to bring about a complete cure.


Depression is a serious mental illness and we should take this more seriously. Although there are lots of discussions being made about this, there’s little to no actions being done to actually address it. More and more people are succumbing to depression by taking their own lives. And that’s really disturbing.



    Indeed, I understand depression is like slow poison and loneliness is booster of that. Always be with positive mindset and growth mentality


    It is really heartening to see that people are frustrated by depression being a problem and no one is doing anything about it.

    In the coming days we will progress on this issue and post more and more resources. In the meantime, you can find more resources on Amazon – look for books related to depression and you will find many things that will solve it for you.

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