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Attitude of People

The Unreal Truth about Attitude Which Shapes Your Behaviour

We get up in the morning (or afternoon) and go through the day, experiencing life. Many things gives us a good experience, some of them are undesirable. Throughout this rollercoaster of a day, we go around with an invisible adapter between life and ourselves.

This adapter is our attitude.

Things happen to us, but what we pay attention to, how we react and what we do is defined by the attitude that we have towards it.


A drunkard man had two sons. They both grew up differently. One was an outstanding citizen, the other himself was a drunkard. When asked why did they turn out the way that they did, both of them said, “My father was a drunk! What else could I have become?”

But leaving that behind, what is important for us to see here is that we have two people in the same circumstances, who grew up to be different. Sure they were different people, but also, their reaction to the same event was different. How? Attitude.

Go ahead and observe this in your life. Look at the behaviour of Professors towards mediocre students. What is behind that? Feelings of frustration, anger, prejudice and the belief that students are not really hard working or interested.

Why do parents value IIT-JEE and Medicine above all other courses? Why do students want to be number one? Why is it that after a bad performance in prelims exams, one student excels in the boards and the other sinks even deeper? Why do some young adults have save a substantial portion of their salaries in their savings while the others are broke within three weeks?


Of course, there are many complicated reasons for all of this, but what is the one thing that you can pinpoint in all these conditions?

The point here is not that an attitude is good or bad. The point here is that your attitude determines how you feel and what you do, how you respond to problems and how you lead your life.

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There is something between you and your life Your mind.

For the sake of repeating this the nth time, that’s your attitude.When you realize this, when you start being aware of your thoughts, your reactions, your feelings as your day unfolds you will realize that what you are thinking is determined by your attitude. This is the insight that we want to leave you with. There is something between you and the world, and that is your mind, your attitude.


As an important consequence, when things go wrong, there might not be much that you can do about them. But always, and always, there is something that is within your control no matter what happens. It is the awareness that you are experiencing life through your thoughts, and that you can change them. Sometimes, just knowing this is enough, sometimes you might have to put an effort in changing them, but nonetheless, introspecting and observing your reactions is always a good first response.

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Nicely written! Attitude truly transforms our perception and the way we look at life.

Ram Das

The usage ‘unreal truth’ is an oxymoron. It cannot be. The reality is truth and the ‘unreality’ is untruth. Both the things cannot be coined into one. It is true that your attitude, the ‘positive attitude’, shapes your life and contributes to your optimism and success. Do you know that the ‘negative attitude’ (when there is a positive there has to be a negative also as in an electricity circuit) has a role to play in human life? The negative attitude towards ‘bad things’ in life saves you from the perils of life. But, you should have the mastery of controlling the functions of the negative attitude to a great extent and channelize its use selectively, while letting loose your positive attitude in abundance like a river water on ‘good things’.

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