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Why Suicide in Obedient Students is so High ?

The number of suicides in the country is increasing, many of them by students. It is clear that the pressure on them is huge. Even the ones who fulfill all the demands of the education system are not all that better off.

Let us consider what the students who game the system arrive at. They slog through their school. The best students focus on getting the best colleges during high school. The target then moves to good jobs during college.


A slog of two years during school turns into a slog that runs for a decade. Then one day they notice how they are all tired, single and clueless. They have never given a thought to what they want to do in life.

That is the case with the most obedient students, who play along with the system. The case with those who failed at the system is different and much more hopeless. If a country wants to succeed, it has to first take care of its students.

The problem with obedient students is that they follow instructions. Nothing wrong with that, except that they have flaws. These instructions are baseless. Parents and teachers advise the students to study 12 hours. They tell them to forgo all entertainment as if entertainment is a distraction.

This is counterproductive. 12 hours of study does not help.

Active recall helps.

Exercises help.

Sleeping helps.

Relaxation helps.

Smiling and laughing helps.

Entertainment helps.

Being a child helps.

When you follow all the instructions, you have no time left to use the Internet. This needs some thought. The exams are there to test the student’s understanding. The textbook exists to give the student a reference, a guide. Instead of becoming a source of stability, it becomes a constraint.


When students study the universe, no one goes onto NASA’s website. The pictures that they have could generate awe. The pictures that they have taken could make math relevant. The pictures that they have taken could make gravity feel real.

The pictures that they have taken keep waiting for students to come. Few go. What binds you to the textbook? Nothing but a lack of imagination. Nothing but a lack of freedom. We give away our freedom out of our own will when we listen to our “elders”. They are right in telling us to focus. But our interests are an automatic way of making us focus.

In teenage, all our inner thoughts and curiosities take the back seat. Not being able to share them or act on them makes us feel lonely. What if we could watch a video on Khan Academy about what we are studying? As soon as we would reach that we would see the comments and feel the excitement. “A dozen comments that echo our thoughts and a hundred upvotes on each of them! There are others like me!”


People have tried to introduce ideas and solutions to the places that they care about. These ideas do not create change. Following the system actually, does not allow the system to change.

“You could try online videos”! “Well, I need to go to my tuitions!”

“Have you used Pinterest?” “No, I am not allowed any Internet connection.”

“If you are weak at math, why don’t you try the Khan Academy software?” “Well, they are out of syllabus!”

Such inhibitions will keep shunning good solutions. They will perpetuate bad systems. This, in its own tragedy, will perpetuate the misfortunes of the student. Their misery, confusion, and depression will continue on.

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